The story of BIRKENTHAL began with a love and interest to make my outfit look more elegant and attractive. The desire was to add some elements to the daytime dress that would add something special to the overall look when going to an evening event. As a result of some testing, the first prototypes of different accessories were made. While wearing my custom-made accessories, I was faced with one of the moments when I realized that the back clasp of the accessory had left a hole in my favorite dress. This gave rise to the idea as to why not make accessories with a magnetic attachment in order to ensure that the clothing will remain intact. At the same time simplifying its use. Today, many years later, I decided to use the BIRKENTHAL brand to carry out the ideas I collected in my drawer.

The BIRKENTHAL brand is characterized by femininity and masculinity, emphasizing the uniqueness and personality of the wearer. The brand brings together attitude, lifestyle and way of thinking. Giving the wearer a unique beauty of practical yet luxurious and special details that instantly change one’s appearance. These are accessories that offer the opportunity to maintain elegance and create your own style in this fast-paced life for a longer period of time instead of just one season. It is a brand that says that you are special without having to say anything!

Loving my femininity as a woman, my great role models in launching the brand have been my feminine and hard-working grandmothers. They were women who made beautiful knitwear, socks and dresses. As women, they both loved to wear dresses on a daily basis and to always add a special detail to their clothing to further accentuate their radiant beauty. They were my Coco Chanels! The accessory brand BIRKENTHAL was named after my grandmother’s maiden name.


Angela Ventsel

Creator of the brand BIRKENTHAL